FatBug was created by developers that use bug tracking - religiously. We live in our tracking system and we believe in documenting everything. Trac's functionality provided a good start with essential tools for collaboration and access...

...but, as our database grew we spent increasing amounts of time waiting on searches or not even able to find what we were looking for. Large numbers of duplicate bugs were being entered because it was difficult to quickly search not-yet-closed bugs.

We spent a lot of time doing repetitive tasks such as capturing screenshots of bugs, annotating them with MS Paint, uploading to Trac and editing the ticket to include the image. Furthermore we found that many Trac users were simply not including screenshots when reporting issues because it was such a pain to get them into Trac. They wanted something that would accomplish the task in a few clicks and under 30 seconds.

So we set out to improve the way we interface with our ticketing system and make it go from merely 'good' to 'totally Zen'. Out of our needs we created FatBug, but not with just features that we wanted - we made sure it can bend and flex to meet the needs of any development team and individual user easily.

We use our own product all day long, and we are constantly improving and expanding features. So if you have any great ideas for new features, please let us know.