Guide to Configuring FatBug for Trac

FatBug uses the Trac XmlRpc interface to interact with Trac in a supported manner. FatBug does not attempt to directly access the Trac database or server file system, which could result in unintended consequences.

You will need to ensure that the XmlRpc plugin is installed to your Trac server, and that your Trac user has been granted the XML_RPC permission. For more information see Troubleshooting Installation.

Note for Trac .13+ and 1.0+ servers: Ensure you have the latest XmlRpcPlugin since a critical bug related to updating tickets was fixed on Oct. 15, 2012. See #9921 for details.

FatBug needs to know the URL to the XmlRpc API, and it determines this by asking for the URL to any ticket during initial setup.

Trac connections are organized at the first level by credentials, and at the 2nd level by Trac instance. This is because typically credentials are shared across several Trac instances. By organizing Trac configuration this way, you can update credentials for multiple Trac instances with a single action.

Forms-based Authentication

Please see the FatBug Trac Authentication page if you are using forms-based authentication.

Possible Required Patches

wiki getRecentChanges fix for PostgreSQL

If you are using PostgreSQL you may encounter this issue: To resolve it have your Trac administrator apply the patch available in issue #9038. FatBug will log a message to this effect in the Sync Status window if you are running an unpatched PostgreSQL installation.