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Capture Screen. Annotate. Send to Trac with One Click.

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Instant Search

Search tickets lightning fast! FatBug provides powerful search capability and you can also search Wiki pages by title. Ticket data is automatically indexed locally so you don't have to waste time waiting on a busy server. Search a 20,000+ item bug database in less than 200 ms. There is also a Refine Results capability to further breakdown search and filter results.

Express Ticket Updating (Offline Updating)

If the server is unavailable or you're not connected you still have access to all of your data. Update your tickets when you're offline and sync up to the Trac server later. Updating your tickets is now much faster- bypass the drop down field populating and click on the links that display the most frequently used items.

Multi-Task Projects

Search and organize by any field across multiple Trac instances, servers and credentials. FatBug makes it easy for you to juggle multiple projects, clients, or companies. The tabbed interface makes it easy to stay organized when working across multiple items.

Automatic Field Mapping

FatBug automatically displays your custom fields. There's nothing to set-up or add as your field list grows or changes. Filter, sort and update your custom fields just like with the built-in fields - all with no effort required on your part.

FatBug Screenshot Grabber and Upload-To-Trac

What was once a multi-step process is now streamlined and much, much faster. Capture, annotate, and send to Trac all within the FatBug interface. FatBug Snipper is a full featured integrated screen capture tool with robust annotation tools, blur and unlimited levels of undo. This little time saver will streamline the screen capture process. And by getting more users to actually include screen shots in bug reports you'll be streamlining the entire report/fix/test cycle.
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Custom Filtering

Easily add, edit, and delete any filter you create. Filter by any field and include/exclude individual field values or use partial string matching rules.

Nested Filtering

FatBug lets you create unlimited nested hierarchical filters. This is a fantastic intuitive way to organize your view of the bug database by version, milestone, component or any other field you choose. Easily stay organized and locate results quickly with the tabbed interface.

Ticket Search

Go directly to a ticket by typing in a ticket number. Team leads find this indispensable. It's very handy when someone wants to confer about a specific issue on the spot.

Wiki Page List

Instantly find wiki pages by quick filtering on page title - something not easily done otherwise.

Sync Status

View Sync Status to quickly ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest ticket updates.