Download FatBug Setup.exe (14MB) now and you'll have 30 unique usage days to trial the software.

To purchase a license for FatBug go to the purchase page.

Prefer a ZIP file? Just download one of these ZIP files (depending on your OS), unzip to any folder to any folder and launch FatBug.exe. FatBug is XCOPY-deploy compatible.

  • for Windows 8

    May 15, 2014 - Unfortunately the FatBug demo site at is currently offline and unavailable due to an attempted Denial of Service attack at the ISP. We are working on rebuilding the demo site at a new more secure location. This means you will not be able to use the demo site but you can still install FatBug and use it with your own site.

    Be sure to check out the Guide To Configuring Trac and
    Troubleshooting Installation if you encounter any issues.

    Using IE9 to download? Please read this page first:
    IE9 SmartScreen Issue