Troubleshooting Steps

One of the challenging aspects of working with a highly customizable system such as Trac is there are many possible things that can interfere with FatBug -> Trac interaction. For example, authentication, plugins, etc.

Following are some troubleshooting steps if you are having difficulty getting FatBug setup with your Trac:

Trac Server Version and API Version

FatBug supports at a minimum Trac 0.12.2 and XmlRpcPlugin 1.1.2. To find out your Trac version, click the About link at the top right of your Trac and look for a version number. To check the API version, click the API link and the version is right at the top.

If you are able to successfully Test the FatBug Trac connection while adding a Trac connection, a dialog will popup showing you both versions. You can also access the Test button after you have added a server by right-clicking the server, select Properties and then Test.

XmlRpcPlugin Enabled?

Have you verified that you have the XmlRpcPlugin enabled? You should see 'API' in the top right corner of a Trac webpage if the plugin is installed and you have the correct XML_RPC permission.

Does the user have XML_RPC permission?

Ensure each FatBug user or the group they receive permissions from has the XML_RPCpermission included.

Authentication Type

Please provide the following information when reporting a problem: What type of authentication does your Trac use? When accessing Trac from the browser, at logon time does the browser pop open a dialog like this or do you type your username/password in form fields? Please read FatBug Trac Authentication for details on how FatBug works with different authentication scenarios.